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Bible Study Series

The Ann Arbor Church Bible Study Series is designed for people who desire greater depth in their relationship with God. These studies teach foundational concepts for living a life glorifying to God. 

This bible study series was created to be a helpful tool for teaching God's word, as well as guiding conversation to seek greater connection to God and his people. 

If you'd like to start studying the bible with us, please contact us here.


Purpose Study

This study answers these questions:

Why did God create us? What is our purpose in life?

Word Study

This study teaches us what it truly means to surrender to the Word of God as the truth.


Kingdom Study

This study teaches us the role of the church within the Kingdom of God.

Problem of Sin Study

This study teaches us what sin is and how it affects our hearts, our relationship with God and our relationships with others. 


The Grace of God Study

This study teaches us about the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and helps us see our desperate need for God’s grace.

Repentance Study

This study teaches us about godly sorrow and transformation as a response to God’s grace.


Discipleship Study

This study aims to make clear what it means for us to surrender to Jesus’s Lordship and live as authentic followers of Jesus.

New Creation Study

This study teaches us how people move from dark to light, with an emphasis on teaching about baptism.

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